My First Post!!

Hi! Welcome to my site! Now that my new website is up with my blog, I thought I would take the opportunity with my first blog post to explain a little bit more about me, my photography and what to expect from my blog posts in the future.

So, more about me: I have an awesome husband, Wes, who attends shoots with me as my photography assistant and is also my website designer (go Wes!). We live in New Port Richey and have two cats, Dash and Jade. We are both really big on family and enjoy spending time with our immediate and extended families.
I graduated with my A.A. last year and am about to graduate with my A.S. in Photography! So excited!

Now that I am coming to the end of my education I am starting to think more about what I want to do in my career and I realized…. I don’t want to do just one thing. I like so many different types of photography, why do I just have to choose one? So I decided I shouldn’t have to and to allow myself to work in a few different areas of photography. I decided on Portrait, still life and fine art. Portrait photography is fun, I love working with people and getting to capture the special moments in their lives and the family as they grow. I love when I get to photograph the same family many times and get to see the kids grow up and watch the wonderful changes in their lives. Still life is completely different but I enjoy locking myself away in my studio and spending hours working with objects, finding the perfect way to display them. Finally, Fine Art; which was my first love in photography. It is often capturing my feelings and who I am or things important to me. It has been a therapy and something I will always want to do even if it isn’t always a priority. I have several interesting pieces that I want to sell, so I decided I would put some pieces on Etsy for sale and to show pieces for sale at art shows.

As for my future blog posts, you will see commentary on my shoots but also posts about things I have learned from photography and life.

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